Women in Film and Media Colorado was born when two like minded female mediamakers met one night at a CFVA State of the State. Writer and actor Kathryn Gould has been a member of the Denver film community for over 10 years, and filmmaker Windy Borman had recently moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area. Kathryn had been wanting to start a Women in Film chapter for some time, and Windy, a former board member of Bay Area Women in Film and Media, was wondering why there wasn’t one here already. As they started bringing on more and more amazing women who were enthusiastic about the idea of a Women in Film chapter in Colorado, WIFMCO was born—and clearly, it was time for it to happen. Starting with a launch party in March of 2016 that drew over a hundred guests, WIFMCO has grown to over 140 members in less than a year. With an educational and/or networking event every month, a screenplay contest, and more programs on the way, a WIFMCO membership is the best deal around for both seasoned and aspiring professionals in the entertainment business.

WIFMCO Mission Statement:

Women in Film and Media Colorado is a non-profit organization committed to uniting, educating, and empowering women media makers and their community by providing resources, networking and educational programs, and by actively pursuing equitable treatment and opportunities for women.

WIFMCO Core Values:

• Create an opportunity for Colorado women in all media (film, TV, web series, advertising, theater, to work and grow together as professionals.
• Seek partnerships within our community as whole, both in-state and beyond.
• Provide support for artists, businesswomen, and technicians at every level, from beginners to entrepreneurs to experts.
• Create and connect members to development opportunities including internships, mentorships, grants, scholarships, and fellowships.
• Instill impeccable, real world professional skills.
• Share our expertise and provide high level business, creative, technical, and inspirational education to elevate our fellow members in all fields.
• Create a launch pad for careers, supporting all stages from development to delivery.
• Connect projects to crew and employee resources in-state and beyond.
• Educate the film and media community on inclusion and encouraging equitable treatment of all.
• Recognize the value of and help create space for under-represented voices.
• Encourage comprehensive bipartisan networking and community awareness.
• Provide opportunities for volunteerism so that we might live and elevate our core values.