Industry Fair Schedule & Class Descriptions

2020 Industry Fair Schedule



9:00 – 10:15 Crewing Up: Connecting the Right Candidate with the Right Project – Tara
Colorado is a tough place to crew up! Whether you are a producer assembling your team or a
candidate for hire, that conversation has lots of moving pieces. Our state has no “set rates”
outside of the rare union projects, and many filmmakers aren’t experienced enough to know how
to determine a good match for their project. On the flips side, many crew don’t know how to
cultivate the employment that will bring about career and professional growth. This workshop
will point out the places employers and employees connect—some in the most unique of
places!—plus how to determine criteria for hiring, setting pay rates and expectations based on
experience and skill sets.

10:30 –11:45 Creating Content that Sells – Kent Youngblood (Movie Mogul)
With the glut of content in social media today, how do you break through the clutter? It all starts
with video storytelling and developing your brand narrative. Learn why best practices in size,
format and length all matter in the consumption of your content. And discover the key factors
that make your content a “clickable” item.

12:45 – 2:00 What’s a Producer Do? – Kent Youngblood
Producers handle all the money, determine who gets paid and when, how the final work is sold
and distributed, etc. The easiest way to make sure you have enough control over a project to
ensure it’s successful is to be the one producing it. We discuss one of the most misunderstood
roles in entertainment by providing an overview of what a producer has to do and a checklist of
tasks/requirements to work through as you produce.

2:15 – 3:30 Care and Feeding of a Grip Truck – Jim Brennen
Take a walk through the bowels of the one thing every production needs (besides coffee): the
G&E truck. We can leave the camera and audio to people who like to stay clean. This is where
the real work gets done. It’s not flashy, but when you know a butterfly from a baby plate, a
floppy from a fresnel, and a silk from a solid, you will have a better chance of giving the lens
monkeys what they need to do their job. Come poke around and ask questions. I might even
know some of the answers.

3:45 – 5:00 All about Locations – Kent Youngblood
Locations are one of the most crucial components of a successful project. The right practical
location can add a tremendous amount of reality and production value to what’s on screen, and
can make shooting a breeze. And knowing when to shoot on a sound stage is vital, too. Don’t
leave locations to happenstance only to see a lousy one wreck your schedule and your budget.
Kent Youngblood, one of Colorado’s best Location Managers, will give practical tips for
developing a solid plan for scouting, vetting, permitting, contracting, and managing a site.


9:00 – 10:15 Rocking Your First 10 Pages – Jim Brennen, Kathryn Gould, Haylar Garcia (The
Ask a producer or agent how long into a screenplay before they know if it is strong enough for
consideration and they’ll say you’ve got ten pages to hook them. Building a solid first act will
impress your buyers and partners, and as a storyteller, those pages are crucial for cementing a
stellar overall script. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the essential components that will
supercharge your script!

10:30 –11:45 Marketing Concepts for Storytellers – Katherine Borda & Lee Capillo
An intensive dive into the importance of creating marketable concepts for screenwriters as they
pitch their ideas and develop screenplays for content creators across the board; from micro-
budgeted independent projects to studio fare. While discussing recent trends in the industry and
sharing personal experiences with producing and marketing movies in Hollywood, the goal is for
writers to be able to tell the stories they want to tell that can appeal to the masses and generate

12:45 – 2:00 The Art of Subtext: Crafting Scenes that Engage an Audience – Kathryn Gould
A lack of subject is a common challenge facing new writers and even writers who have been at it
for a while. The human mind loves piecing things together, making connections and discoveries,
and solving puzzles in a story. This workshop will explore multiple techniques to add layers to
your scenes that will keep an audience engaged and active. We will watch scenes from popular

films that demonstrate each technique, and you will leave with exercises you can try out at home
to help you master these skills. Never write boring scenes again!

2:15 – 3:30 Storytelling for a Low Budget – Trai Cartwright
Why is it important to think about storytelling from a production execution POV? Because most
films in Colorado will be independent and made for very little money. That means we risk
setting our sights on a movie that is simply too expensive to make, or make well. This workshop
will delve into all the ways you can maximize your production value by designing the story to
meet your production parameters, giving you all important creative control and financial options.

3:45 – 5:00 Colorado Film Incentives Process – Mariel Rodriguez-McGill & Jon Van Wyck
Colorado offers a performance-based cash rebate of up to 20% on production activities taking
place in the state. Do you have a narrative film, documentary, television series or videogame that
you are planning to produce in the near future? Discover how to take advantage of Colorado's
incentives, and learn from Jon, a Cine Fe representative, all the activity happening in our community
that is bringing more attention to our film industry and incentives.



9:00 – 10:15 SeriesFest & Working Artist Group’s Live Content Creator Pitch Session –
Krista Gano Upton, Laura Carson, Claire Taylor & Betsy Marino Leighton
PLUS Special Guests from LA: Liz Keyishian & John Vandergiff
One of the greatest ways to get your work out there is to become a content creator. There are
plenty of tools that will help you to write a script, plot out a plan, prepare a pitch deck or show
bible, etc. While that work is entirely important and necessary, success often comes down an
artful and collaborative pitch. In this workshop, learn what to keep in mind as you prepare your
pitch, and watch several live pitches that will receive feedback from industry leaders.

10:30 –11:45 Acing Your Relationship with Your Agent – Elisa Piesman (Big Fish Talent),
Kathleen Ham (Radical Artists Agency) & Cassie Keefe (Wilhelmina Denver)
What makes a great audition? Join us for a panel discussion with agents/representatives from
Big Fish Talent, Radical Artists Agency and Wilhelmina Denver, three of Colorado’s top booking
agencies!  The panel will cover current market trends, necessary materials, tips to make your
audition “stand out”, audition protocol, etc.

12:45 – 2:00 Casting Workshop for Producers & Actors – Shauna Earp-Ballinger
(Hamilton Casting)

Everyone knows that casting is half the battle in delivering a great project, which makes the
casting process absolutely crucial. How does a production team prepare to create the best

possible deep dive into the talent pool? How do they “look” at headshots and reels? How and
where do they post? How do they stage the actual auditions? And as an actor, what should you
expect at an audition?

2:15 – 3:30 Talk to Strangers Using Improv Skills! – Michael Collins (Be Story Driven)
Michael uses the acting techniques he’s learned over two decades in helping people become
more connected, engaging storytellers. He is known for establishing trust with clients, making
them feel at ease as they are guided through exercises ranging from personal stories to
monologues to improvised scenarios.

3:45 – 5:00 Business of Being an Actor  – Krista Gano Upton & Laura Carson
The business is changing rapidly….even as you read this.  The great news is that there are
expanding opportunities for actors in film/tv and beyond.  Understanding the current landscape
and how to leverage those opportunities is crucial to success.  In this class, we'll talk about those
changes and opportunities, dismiss some common myths, and talk about the tools needed to get
started – training, headshots and reels.  Finally, we'll help you to set your 2020 goals.



9:00 – 10:15 Branding for Creatives – Rachel Noall
You’re a creative, not a branding expert. This class will cover some simple but effective
strategies that creatives at every level can adopt, utilize, and benefit from professionally. Expect
tangible takeaways, a large scope understanding of branding principles, and an outline of next-
steps to build your brand.

10:30 –11:45 Prepping for Your Future: The Plan and the Presentation –
Barbara Lopez Nash & Rachel McKimmon

Landing a job in the entertainment industry is trickier and more competitive than just about any
other industry. Whether you are new to the creative fields or seeking to leap, knowing how to
organize your launch and present yourself professionally is key. Human Resources expert
Barbara Lopez-Nash will address what employers and partners are looking for in a candidate,
tricks to make you stand out – and what to absolutely not do! Plus she will give tips for how to
design an effective action plan to land the career of your dreams.

12:45 – 2:00 Safety Talks: Advocating for a Safe Set and Safe Crew – Tara Feinman
The value of a safe environment over the course of a production has become a focus for all
responsible filmmakers. Safety issues include deterring any and all forms of harassment and
abuse, and creating a set culture that is one of inclusivity and respect. It also ensures scenes shot
on location, at night, or including dangerous elements (stunts, firearms, vehicles, animals – the
list goes on and on) are built with the safety of the crew foremost in mind. But who is in charge
of these aspects, and what does a crew member do if they see something going sideways? What
kinds of legal ramifications are involved when a production or a crew member strays from their
sense of safe? How does a producer put safety first while continuing to ensure a great production
on budget and on time?

2:15 – 3:30 So You’re Graduating from Film School! – Marin Lepore
Calling all wannabe, current, and/or dropout film students! Transitioning from class projects to
actually working in the “real world” is intimidating, so this panel will feature various film school
alumni who have done it before, succeeded, and are now ready to share their tips and
experiences. How do you make the most of film school? How do you break into the industry
after graduating? How’s working in Colorado vs. moving elsewhere? Etc! Audience Q&A and
networking will take place after the discussion.

Kimberly Greenwell
– Editor & Production Coordinator. Works at Torch, a Denver media/news company.
Lauryn Kellett – Producer & Filmmaker. Founder of Liquid Luck Productions.
Libby Gemperline– Videographer & Outdoor Enthusiast.
Susana Ortega– Producer & Production Manager. Works for ASX.TV.
Breanne Nicole Wilson– Actress represented by Natalie Lynn Talent.
Works at STARZ as a Localization Coordinator.

3:45 – 5:00 Be Unstoppable – Victoria Lynne Hannu

When you’re caught up in growing a business, working and meeting the demands of everyday
life and those within it, it’s super easy to lose focus and get overwhelmed or burned out.
Sometimes you simply feel stuck.  During our time together you will learn strategies to beat
overwhelm, burnout, or stuck, and get results and thrive.

5:15 – 6:00 – Keynote Speaker:  Dia Sokol Savage