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Darla Rae
– President, Former Membership Chair

Andrea Nordgren – Vice President, Former At Large

Carol Wilson – Secretary

Alicia Heinrich – Treasurer, Former Programming Chair

Daustin Harvey – Co-Marketing, Former Marketing Chair

Megan Ribovich
– Co-Marketing

Jennifer Sealey
– Co-Membership, Former Membership Chair

Jhonette Perdue – Co-Membership

Tara Feiman – Development|

Don Colacino
– At Large

Savanna Poelma – Student-At-Large


2020 Election Timeline:

Jan 01: Open for Applications

Feb 7: Deadline for Applications

Feb 10: Announce Candidates at Board Meeting

Feb 29: “Meet the Candidates” @ Industry Fair, Colorado Film School

March 11: “Meet the Candidates” @ WIFMCO Chat, Fuzzy’s Taco

Mar 05-12: Voting!

Mar 30: New Board Members Announced at Birthday Party

All candidates will need to attend one “Meet the Candidates” event.

Thank you for helping shape the future of Women in Film and Media Colorado!



  1. You will be transformed. That ought to be #1, right?
  2. With so much chatter about being in this industry, WIFMCO does.
  3. We are thought leaders in this community. Be heard.
  4. The people who find us are some of the coolest, most aspirational and supportive in the state.
  5. Being on the board is a back stage pass to some really cool things. Doors open. Worlds elevate.
  6. We grew 50% last year and have all kinds of plans to carry on this momentum.
  7. The things YOU care about get done.
  8. Parties. Networking. Learning. Every month.
  9. We are builders. We design programs, generate work, create opportunities, and support dreams
  10. We are WIFMCO—and so are you.

Thinking about join the WIFMCO Board of Directors in 2021?

To apply simply send a Statement of Purpose, Position of Interest, and Applicable Resume to [email protected]

Only eligible WIFMCO members may vote.

New board members are announced annually at the WIFMCO Anniversary event in March. (meet the candidate events will take place during the month of February. Candidates are required to attend at least one event)

Qualifications. Each officer shall be a Professional Member in good standing and
eligible to hold office as provided in Article II (WIFMCO By laws); shall be a resident of or have her primary source
of employment in Colorado, throughout her tenure; and must be a natural person (as opposed
to an entity) who is age 18 or older. Each at-large director shall be a member in good standing
and eligible to hold office as provided in Article II, and shall be either be a resident of or have
her primary source of employment in Colorado, throughout her tenure.

WIFMCO Board of Director Positions:

President (Two year term /limit two terms): 
The President, subject to the direction and supervision of the Board,
will: (1) be the chief executive officer of the Corporation and have general and active control of
the Corporation’s affairs and business and general supervision of its employees and agents; (2)
be the chief operating officer of the Corporation and have general responsibility for all day-today
operations of the Corporation; (3) see that all resolutions of the Board are carried into
effect; (4) in the absence of the Chair, preside at all meetings of Board; (5) act as spokesperson
for the Corporation in its dealings with the public; and (6) perform all other duties incident to
the office of President or as assigned by the Board.

Vice President (Two year term /limit two terms)
The Vice-President will: (1) assist the President; and (2) perform
the duties assigned by the President or by the Board. In addition, the Vice-President will at the
request of the President or the Chair, or in the President’s and Chair’s absence or inability or
refusal to act, perform the duties of the President and when so acting will have all the powers
of and be subject to all the restrictions on the President

Treasurer (Two year term /limit two terms)
The Treasurer will (1) be the chief financial officer of the Corporation
and have care and custody of all its funds, securities, evidences of indebtedness and other
personal property and deposit the same in accordance with the instructions of the Board; (2)
Receive and give receipts and acquittals for moneys paid in on account of the Corporation,
and pay out of the funds on hand all bills, payrolls and other just debts of the Corporation of
whatever nature upon maturity; (3) in the absence of a separate controller, serve as the chief
accounting officer of the Corporation, and as such prescribe and maintain the methods and
systems of accounting to be followed, keep complete books and records of account, prepare
and file all local, state and federal tax returns and related documents, prescribe and maintain
an adequate system of internal audit, and prepare and furnish to the Board statements of
account showing the financial position of the Corporation and the results of its operations; (4)
monitor compliance with all requirements imposed on the Corporation as a tax-exempt
organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; (5) upon request of
the Board, make such reports to it as may be required at any time; and (6) perform all other
duties incident to the office of Treasurer and as may be assigned by the Board. Assistant
Treasurers, if any, shall have the same powers and duties, subject to the supervision by

Positions with One year term/ no term limits*:
Marketing Chair*: The Marketing Chair will (1) promote all events arranged by
the Programming Committee; (2) design and produce marketing materials to include signs,
flyers, handouts, info graphics, etc.; (3) maintain website and social media outlets; (4) work
with Membership Committee on collecting emails and sending out new member welcome
emails; (5) identify opportunities for co-marketing or sponsorship of events at film festivals or
local film and media events; (6) gather stories and materials for monthly newsletter; and (7)
manage member email listserv.

Development Chair*: The Development Chair will (1) identify and target potential
donors; set meetings and presentations with intention of raising funds for programs, funds, and
scholarships; (2) coordinate all communications and oversee delivery of sponsor rewards to
donors; (3) oversee selection process of potential Programs, Funds, and Scholarships to be
sponsored on behalf of the organization; (4) determine yearly budget targets for fundraising;
(5) staff and oversee Development Committee; coordinate meetings and all communications
and applicable training; (6) along with Committee, develop sponsorship presentation materials,
including gathering of metrics and all relevant data, program design, and presentation
creation; (7) along with Committee, determine Sponsor Rewards; and (8) assist in program
development and execution

Membership Chair*: The Membership Chair will (1) oversee the development and
execution of annual membership recruitment and retention plan; (2) assemble and oversee the
membership committee; (3) along with Development Chair, determine member benefits; (4)
welcome new active members and extend Chapter resources; host and lead new member
receptions and orientations at annual meeting; (5) respond to member questions and concerns
and solicit feedback to the Board; (6) scout potential new members within the community
events; (7) manage membership renewal; track membership renewal deadlines and encourage
renewal; and (8) respond to member needs and determine and implement new ways to
increase membership satisfaction.

Programming Chair*:Programming Chair. The Programming Chair will (1) coordinate regular
educational programming; formulating, planning and organizing panels and participants; (2)
book venues and maintain relationships with venue owners; (3) coordinate set-up and schedule
of regular events; (4) budget for event costs; (5) along with Committee coordinate special
events and parties; and (6) coordinate with Marketing Chair to provide materials and promote
monthly events.

Member-At-Large (up to 5 positions)
Student-At-Large (1 position)

*We are accepting co-chair applicants for these board positions. If you want to run as a co-chair for a committee, please also include: the name of your co-chair, why you would like to run as a co-chair, and explain how you will successfully share the responsibilities of the position.

If you are interested in applying for a Board Member position, please email the Election Committee at [email protected].

Include: Position Title, your Resume, and a Statement of Purpose.